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Comprising both fixed and adjustable downlights, the Fugato conventional range provides exceptional freedom in terms of lighting design. Furthermore, Fugato’s adjustable luminaires offer a choice of models with cardanic suspension or full internal/external adjustability. The fl exibility that this allows, combined with the extensive selection of optics (including, for some models, an innovative dual-optic), ensures maximum design freedom. At the same time, visual consistency is assured, as the adjustable versions have the same dimensions and family look as the fixed models.The Fugato downlights come in five different sizes (for 95, 125, 175, 225 and 275 mm cut-outs). Fixed Fugato downlights accommodate compact fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps and halogen lamps, while the adjustable and cardanic versions take high-intensity discharge and halogen lamps.A breakthrough feature of the optics is the ‘dual-optic concept’, where the metal top reflector is combined with a metallised polymer lower optic. A dual-optic offers several signifi cant advantages over a single polymer optic – improved heat dissipation, straightforward integration of functional and architectural accessories, and a choice of high-gloss, matt or white finishes.The Fugato downlights come in five sizes based on the optimum combination of light output, efficiency and glare rating, making them an ideal replacement for other – larger and squarer – offi ce luminaires. Our leading-edge optics provide excellent light output and effective glare shielding (in accordance with CIE EN12464-1), resulting in a highly efficient lighting performance. State-of-the-art electronic gear versions are also available, yielding further signifi cant energy savings.Based on the optimum combination of light output, efficiency and glare rating, Fugato represents a genuine alternative to other – larger and squarer – luminaires. A wide choice of accessories, optic finishes and integrated lighting controls ensure a comfortable lighting ambience.


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